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Mobile Protection Plan

Enjoy peace of mind with the CREDO Mobile Protection, covering your device against loss, theft or damage.

We’ll replace your device for a single, nonrefundable deductible that varies based on the current retail price (not the contract price) of your device. Coverage starts immediately, provided you purchase the plan and your device on the same date. Otherwise coverage begins 30 days from your Mobile Protection Plan purchase date.


AppleCare+ for iPhone

AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your iPhone coverage from one to two years and adds two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Each is subject to a $99 service fee, plus applicable tax.

To purchase AppleCare+ from CREDO, email CREDO Customer Service or call 800-411-0848 within 24 hours of purchase. The plan is also available for 60 days after your purchase date from any Apple Retail Store or by calling the AppleCare Contact Center.

International Calling


International Long Distance Discount Plan

Enjoy deeply discounted calling from the U.S. to anywhere in the word—as much as $1.19 savings per minute, depending on the country. You can also make calls from select countries abroad, under standard international roaming rates.

Minutes are deducted and overage charges may apply. Rates vary by country called.

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