Bring your phone to CREDO.

Have it all: the phone you like and the phone company you’ll love. Bring your phone—from any major carrier—to CREDO. You’ll save $20 every month,* won’t have a 2-year service contract and you’ll keep one more phone out of the landfill.

*$20/mon savings applies to line fee for new BYOP lines.

It’s easy to bring your own phone to CREDO. Here’s how.

Check your eligibility:
Check our device list, then enter your phone’s ESN/MEID and we can instantly determine its eligibility.

Choose a data plan:
Choose a shared data plan from 1GB to 10GB. Already a customer? Give us a call.

Create an account:
Sign up and we’ll get you activated, usually within 24 hours.

Why choose CREDO? We fund causes you believe in: $81 million to date.