What is an eSIM?

An embedded SIM (eSIM) lets you connect to a wireless network. It’s just like a physical SIM card, but a digital eSIM is built into your phone. With an eSIM, you don’t have to insert that small chip into your phone. And it’s more secure – someone can’t remove the physical SIM card if your phone is lost or stolen. In just a few simple steps, you are ready to make calls, send messages, and browse the web.
Some phones are dual compatible – they use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM, so you can have two wireless accounts with talk, text, and data all on one device. Some devices can even have multiple eSIMs on the same device and use two phone numbers at the same time.

Can I use an eSIM with CREDO Mobile?

Yes. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or later all support eSIM.
If you purchased an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro model, your iPhone does not have a physical SIM tray, and will only activate with an eSIM.
You can learn more about eSIM on iPhone here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212780

How do I activate an eSIM on a phone I want to bring to CREDO Mobile?

Activating a BYOD phone on CREDO Mobile is easy.

Go to our BYOD page, https://www.credomobile.com/byod/, and enter IMEI2 to check if your phone is compatible. To find IMEI2 on an iPhone tap Settings and navigate to General>About and look for IMEI2. Your phone must be unlocked before bringing it to CREDO.

Choose a rate plan

Add your porting information if you want to bring your old phone number to CREDO. If not, CREDO will assign you a new phone number.

You will receive an email when your account is approved and then you can activate your phone at www.credomobile.com/GetStarted.

You can call 1-866-306-2900 to speak with a representative who can help you through the process.  If your phone is not compatible with CREDO, we have many options for new devices at www.credomobile.com.

If you don’t have an eSIM compatible phone, you may still bring your phone to CREDO.
Go to https://www.credomobile.com/byod/ to check compatibility and we will mail you a SIM Card to activate.

How do I activate a phone I purchased from CREDO Mobile if I am using eSIM?

When you receive your phone, go to credomobile.com/GetStarted. You will need your phone number or order number and your billing zip code. You can call 1-866-306-2900 to speak with a representative who can help you through the process.
Will Activating an eSIM lock my phone to CREDO?

Your device’s lock status is not impacted by the use of eSIM. Please call 1-866-306-2900 if you have questions about CREDO’s lock policy.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen with an active eSIM?

If your phone with an active eSIM is lost or stolen, you can suspend service in Member Services under Phone & Plan, or you can call customer service at 1-866-306-2900.

What happens to my cellular plan if I erase my eSIM?

If you delete your eSIM, your CREDO Mobile plan has not been cancelled. Please call customer service at 1-866-306-2900 to get a new eSIM for the device. If you wish to cancel service with CREDO (and we hope you don’t), please visit: our helpdesk article on cancelling a line of service.

Can I still use my CREDO eSIM if I travel internationally?

Please visit our helpdesk article on international travel to learn more about traveling internationally with CREDO.

How do I activate an iPhone with eSIM if I don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network?

If you have an eSIM only iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro model and you don’t have a Wi-Fi network, Apple has a new solution to activate your eSIM. During the Set-Up process, you can choose to continue without Wi-Fi. This allows you to setup your new eSIM without Wi-Fi —at no cost to you.

What is Dual SIM?

Dual SIM allows users to use two phone numbers at the same time. For example, you can useone number for business and another number for personal. Or you can add a local data planwhen you travel outside of the country or region. You can learn more about Dual SIM with an eSIM here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209044

Why should I switch to CREDO Mobile?

$95 Million Dollars. Over the years, that is how much CREDO has donated to non-profits trying to make the world a better place.  Every month CREDO donates to groups working on important issues that include women’s rights, climate justice, peace and civil rights. When you switch to CREDO Mobile, you get everything you want in a phone company and the great feeling knowing you are helping to make a better world.

You can vote on which groups get this month’s donations at www.credodonations.com.