Now is the time.
Let’s fight for change together.

Time and time again, CREDO comes through with financial and mobilization support for the issues we work on.
—NARAL Pro-Choice America
CREDO helps us create a better world with two of the most abundant resources on earth: solar power and people power.
—Vote Solar
I feel good knowing that part of my mobile phone bill goes to Planned Parenthood and other deserving organizations, instead of corporate interests.
—Paula C., member since 2011
Causing trouble with CREDO is one of the most effective ways we know of to build a stronger and tougher climate change movement.
CREDO is an invaluable supporter of the efforts to engage underrepresented voters to participate in America’s democratic process.
—Voter Participation Center
I am a loyal and faithful CREDO member because I appreciate having the option to pay for a necessity knowing that a portion of my money also supports social justice issues that I care deeply about.
—Lynda L., member since 2014
CREDO is a strong environmental champion, always ready to step up to challenge corporate power.
—Rainforest Action Network
CREDO helps ensure that activists and activist groups stand on firm principles—and that lawmakers and corporations are held accountable when they abandon those ideals.
—Demand Progress
What other mobile phone provider donates funds to progressive organizations as requested by its members?
—Carolyn K., member since 2011
CREDO consistently steps up and speaks out on the critical civil rights issues of our time.
—Color Of Change


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