Customer Reviews

“I couldn’t be more pleased with CREDO, my mobile phone service. The company is what it claims to be. It’s a ‘movement’ in the correct direction. I am happy to be part of the system and feel I’m making a difference in issues that matter to me.”

Marianne S, member since 2010

“What’s not to love! The plans are terrific and the customer service is top of the line. And what other phone provider donates funds to organizations as requested by its members? I have been part of CREDO for years and I wouldn’t think of changing to another phone provider.”

Carolyn K, member since 2011

“CREDO is a wonderful phone company with great social ethics. But, in addition to those great ethics, they provide great mobile phone service. I switched from AT&T three years ago and have never regretted the decision. Thanks CREDO!”

Richard R, member since 2009

“CREDO is a wonderful alternative to the big phone companies. It puts ethical practices into effect, makes donations to worthy progressive causes, and informs customers of political issues. In addition, response to customer service calls has always been fast, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend CREDO for consumers with consciences. I have been a member for years and have always felt good about our association.”

Margie L, member since 2004

What Nonprofits Are Saying

“CREDO is Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate contributor, and we are incredibly grateful for its longstanding partnership.”

Planned Parenthood

“CREDO is a leader in promoting the civil liberties that are at the heart of our democracy.”


“Causing trouble with CREDO is one of the most effective ways we know of to build a stronger and tougher climate change movement.”

Facebook Comments

Teresa J. I have been with CREDO for over a year now. It feels good to be a part of a socially progressive movement.
Arlen S. I have been with them forever and would not consider any other mobile company. What an easy way to help so many and the planet and get good service!
Eileen C. I’m glad to be a CREDO customer. CREDO actually does this foreign thing called “listen” to you (which major phone companies don’t do).
Marcia B. I feel so good every month when we vote to distribute the money to the nonprofits.

CREDO in the Press

“How Becky Bond Is Using A Mobile Company To Empower Progressive Activists”

Huffington Post

“The First Phone Company to Publish a Transparency Report Isn’t AT&T or Verizon”

Washington Post

“Planned Parenthood Welcomes Big Donation From CREDO Mobile”

Huffington Post

“22 Arrested in New Wave of Resistance to Keystone XL Pipeline”

In These Times

“Groups pressure Legislature to back California fracking moratorium”

LA Times

“Grassroots efforts to save Net neutrality may be working”

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