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Switch to CREDO Mobile and we’ll cover up to $350 in credit for outstanding device payments or early termination fees when you ditch your current provider. Plus, get up to an additional $300 credit when you trade in your device.

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Count on the nation's leading 4G LTE network, all-new affordable plan pricing, and values that beat Big Telecom. Feel good knowing CREDO donates nearly $2 million each year to progressive nonprofits working for social justice, women’s rights, environmental protection and more.

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Here’s How to Earn up to a $650 Credit

Hang Up on Your Current Carrier

To earn up to a $350 credit, just upload the final bill from your previous carrier to our online submission form. It should show any outstanding device payment plan balance or ETF (early termination fee).

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Trade In Your Device

Answer a few quick questions about your device and request a trade-in value quote. If you accept the quote, just follow mailing directions and get a CREDO bill credit for up to $300.

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Together with our members, CREDO has donated $92 million over the last 30+ years. Join us in continuing to advance positive cultural shifts and take a stand against harmful, divisive policies.

Find Answers to Popular Questions Below:


  • What fees are covered in the buyout program?

    CREDO will cover any outstanding device payments and/or early termination fees (ETFs) that your previous provider is charging up to $350 per line for up to 5 lines when you switch to CREDO.

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  • What is an “ETF”?

    An Early Termination fee is a penalty fee charged by phone companies when a customer chooses to terminate or cancel service before their contract ends.

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  • How do I know if I’m eligible for a buyout credit?

    Customers that have been with CREDO Mobile for 30 days are eligible for a buyout credit. If your previous phone company charged you an early termination fee or any equipment charges (such as outstanding device payments), you’re eligible for a credit of up to $350 per line (for up to 5 lines) when you switch to CREDO.

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  • How do I submit my final bill for a buyout credit?

    We’ve made submitting your final bill from your previous phone company easy. Simply click here to upload your final bill and submit our electronic form. If you don’t have a digital version, we recommend using your phone to photograph the relevant charges and upload the images using the form.

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  • How long until I get my buyout credit?

    Your credit should appear on your CREDO Mobile account within 30 days from when we receive the contract buyout form and copy of your previous phone company’s bill. Please keep an eye on your inbox, you will receive a confirmation email when your credit is approved. We will also let you know via email if, for any reason, we need more information to process it.

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  • I already submitted my final bill. Why haven’t I received my credit yet?

    We require that customers have service with CREDO Mobile for more than 30 days before we process their credit. There are times we receive forms with missing information. When this happens, we typically notify customers via email within 1 week of their submission.

    If 30 days has passed from the date we received your form, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-411-0848 and we’ll be more than happy to look into expediting your buyout credit.

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  • What devices are eligible for trade-in?

    CREDO Mobile accepts most cellular devices for trade-in. We do, however, require that the device be able to power on.

    For a complete list of eligible devices and estimated trade-in value, please visit our Trade In site.

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  • Am I guaranteed to receive a credit for my device trade-in?

    When you submit your device trade-in information, you will receive a quote from us. This amount is only a quote and not a guarantee of a reimbursed credit value. Only upon examining of the phone in-person can we make a full assessment of the value. Therefore, all trade-in values are at our sole discretion and may change at any time without notice.

    If CREDO determines that any device submitted to this program is ineligible or has been identified as a lost or stolen device, CREDO will not issue a Trade-In Credit, and CREDO will not return the device.

    For Apple iPhone and iPad devices, you MUST erase all content and turn off the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature to receive a credit.

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  • Does this offer apply to individual as well as family accounts?

    Yes. The trade-in offer applies to both individual and family accounts. You can receive a credit of up to $650 per line (up to 5 lines), this includes a credit for any early termination or equipment fees and phone trade-in.

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  • How long until I get credit for my device trade-in?

    You’ll receive your credit within two billing cycles after we receive the device(s) you’re trading in.

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  • How do I check the status of my trade-in credit?

    Once you receive an email determining the value of your trade-in, the credit can take up to two bill cycles to apply. If two bill cycles have passed and you still haven’t received your credit, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-411-0848 and we’ll look into expediting your trade-in credit.

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  • When do I have to send in my trade-in device?

    CREDO must receive the device within 10 days of the date that you receive your estimate. If we do not receive it within 10 days, the trade-in value and/or eligibility of the devices could change.

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