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Select a category below, then tell us a little about your device. Enter the make and model, and the condition, and we’ll tell you the estimated trade-in value of your device. The value will be locked in once you complete the trade-in process. Questions? Check out our FAQ below.

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Ready to trade in your device? After you get your device’s estimated value, you’ll enter your CREDO member number or the order confirmation number on the packing list that came with your new CREDO phone. Then we’ll give you shipping instructions to send us the device you’re trading in. (Not a CREDO member? Join now, then come back here to complete your trade-in.)

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Once we’ve processed your trade-in, we’ll credit your CREDO account for the value of your device, up to $300.† (Not a CREDO member? Join now and get up to $350 to cover termination fees charged by your current carrier.)* To learn more, check out our FAQ below.

Device Trade-In Frequently Asked Questions

*Contract buyout credit: We will credit your CREDO Mobile account (up to $350 per line, up to 5 lines) after you send us the contract buyout credit form , with proof of your prior carrier's termination fee charges or equipment charges.

†CREDO Trade-In Credit Program Terms
CREDO Trade-In Credit Program (“Program”) is a wireless device collection program that is available through CREDO. By participating in the Program, you agree that you are bound by these Program terms and conditions as well as any other written service and transaction materials that CREDO may provide you with or refer you to during the Program transaction and any confirmation materials that CREDO may provide or refer you to. You also agree that your participation is governed by CREDO’s Customer Agreement, which is available at credomobile.com/customer-agreement, and that these terms and conditions are incorporated into the Customer Agreement. This Program is included in the definition of Services in the Customer Agreement.

1. Eligibility. To receive a Trade-In Credit (defined in Section 2 below), you must be a CREDO customer.

2. Trade-In Credits.

2.1 Application of Credit. The Program offers a credit that is applied to your CREDO account for eligible trade-ins. Credit is dependent upon your trade in of an Eligible Device. A credit is applied to your CREDO bill within two billing cycles of receipt of the device(s). CREDO’s issuance of a Trade-In Credit is dependent upon your trade in of an Eligible Device. CREDO does not offer refunds or cash reimbursement through this Program.

2.2 Credit Eligible Devices. Devices listed on the CREDO Trade-In Credit Program website are eligible for trade in: credomobile.com/device-trade-in

2.3 Ineligible Devices. Devices that do not meet the criteria contained in these terms and conditions will not be eligible for a Trade-In Credit, and CREDO will not return the devices. If CREDO determines that any device that you submitted to this Program is ineligible or has been identified as a lost or stolen device, then CREDO will not issue you a Trade-In Credit, and CREDO will not return the device.

2.4 Device Value. When you submit your device information to CREDO, CREDO will give you an estimated Trade-In Value. You must accurately state the make, model, condition, and quantity of the devices. If you do not accurately state this information or fail to include all components with the device (for example, battery or device cover), then CREDO may adjust the estimated Trade-In Value in CREDO’s sole discretion without notice. All Trade-In Values are within CREDO's sole discretion, and may change at any time in CREDO’s sole discretion without notice. For example, if the condition of the device is misrepresented and CREDO finds that it is “broken” instead of “good” or “flawless”, CREDO will give credit for the appropriate condition. If you submit a device of any model that is not included in the specific device model list on this page, that device's Trade-In Value will be considered $0 and will not be returned to you. The Trade-In Value of the device is non-negotiable. CREDO must receive the device within 10 days of the date that you receive your estimate or the amount of the Trade-In Value and eligibility of devices could change.

3. Data / Personal Information Removal. It is your responsibility to remove all data from your device(s) before you provide it to CREDO. Upon receipt, CREDO will attempt to erase all data from devices collected through the Program. However, CREDO cannot ensure that such personal data will be removed. CREDO is not responsible for any data that may be on devices.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR IPHONES: Customers with an Apple iPhone or iPad must reset or wipe their device prior to submitting the device to the Program. On the device choose: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings to complete this action. The device must have data connectivity to complete these steps. Failure to do so will make your device ineligible for a Trade-In Credit and the device will not be returned to you.

4. Deactivation of Service on Devices. You must deactivate all services to your devices. CREDO is not responsible for previous or subsequent wireless charges accrued to your devices prior to or following your participation in the Program. If you incur any charges, it is your responsibility to pay these charges.

5. CREDO Cannot Return Devices. CREDO will not return any device that you submit to the Program.

6. Device Title. By participating in this Program, you represent that you have title, ownership, and interest in the devices you submit, and you transfer the title, ownership, and interest in the devices to CREDO. You agree that CREDO will not have any liability in excess of the Trade-In Value for the devices that you submit to this Program.