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Wireless AMBER Alerts™

Studies have shown that the first three hours after a child’s abduction are the most critical to recovery efforts. You can help.

The AMBER Alert program was created to increase the chances of finding abducted children by quickly broadcasting details about them and their abductors to program participants in the region where the crime has occurred. Since its start, AMBER alerts have helped save the lives of almost 400 kids nationwide.

CREDO Mobile is a member of the Wireless AMBER Alerts™ Initiative, a voluntary arrangement among wireless industry and law enforcement agencies. The messages are free. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Click here to enroll now.

More about AMBER Alerts

What is an AMBER Alert?
How does the AMBER Alert program work?
How much does it cost to receive AMBER Alert text messages?
What is the Wireless AMBER Alerts™ Initiative?
If I opt in for Wireless AMBER Alerts, will I receive every AMBER Alert issued?
How many Wireless AMBER Alerts are issued each year?
About how many Wireless AMBER Alerts can a customer expect to receive during the year?
What will the AMBER Alert look like on a CREDO Mobile member’s phone?
Will another message be sent when the AMBER Alert is canceled?
Is this available nationwide, or only in certain areas?
Is it possible that I won’t receive a Wireless AMBER Alert when an alert was distributed in my area?
What are the criteria for issuing Wireless AMBER Alerts?
I need to report a missing child. What should I do?
If I change my mind, how can I unsubscribe to Wireless AMBER Alerts?


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