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LG Marquee

LG Marquee™

Android Market is now Google Play™ — and it's better than ever. Download apps, music, books, movies and games with Play Store on your phone or at play.google.com on your computer. Everything is in the cloud, so you can access your stuff from any Android device or the web for free.

Apps, Maps & Entertainment

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Use Google Play™
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Take pictures

Taking pictures with the built-in camera is as simple as choosing a subject, pointing the lens and pressing a button.

Please note: Be sure your microSD card is installed, as this is where your photos and videos will be stored.

  1. Press home icon > apps icon > Camera camera icon.
  2. Aim the camera lens at your subject.
  3. Tap camera shutter icon to take a picture.

To view your photos while in camera mode, tap the thumbnail in the bottom right corner. Swipe from right to left to see older photos. Tap menu icon on any photo for options such as sharing or deleting the photo.

To switch to the front-facing camera, tap menu icon in the bottom left of the camera screen and tap Front. Or tap menu icon while in camera mode and tap Switch Camera.

Please note: This phone doesn't currently support text messaging with picture and video attachments (MMS), but you can share pictures and videos via email, social media and uploads to the internet.

Take videos
To view photos or videos
Transfer music, photos and other files to and from your computer
Use voice-guided navigation


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