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HTC Hero

Android Market is now Google Play™ — and it's better than ever. Download apps, music, books, movies and games with Play Store on your phone or at on your computer. Everything is in the cloud, so you can access your stuff from any Android device or the web for free.

Advanced Apps & Services

Using the web browser

To open your phone’s web browser:

Press Home (). Tap and select Browser.

To visit a web page:

  1. On the browser screen, press Menu. Tap the URL field at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your desired web address using the on-screen keyboard. As you enter the address, predictive web addresses will appear. Tap an address to go directly to that web page, or continue entering the web address.
  3. Select Go.

Adding social networks

Integrate your social networks. Sign in to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr from your HTC Hero.

  1. Press Home (). Tap and select Settings, followed by Accounts & Sync.
  2. Tap Add Account and select your desired social networking program.

Sharing pictures (Facebook / Flickr / Picasa)

Sign in to your favorite photo-sharing platform, right on your phone.

  1. Press Home (). Tap and select Photos.
  2. On the Albums screen, select your desired photo album.
  3. Tap . Under the Share Options menu, select your desired photo-sharing platform.

Android, Android Market, Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google Inc.


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