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Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S® 4

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Transfer contacts from an LG Rumor2

You can transfer contacts from your LG Rumor2 to your new Samsung Galaxy S 4 using Bluetooth. While there are a number of steps, the whole process should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes. Just follow the instructions below, switching back and forth between the two phones as indicated.

LG Rumor2

On your LG Rumor2

Galaxy Note II

On your Samsung Galaxy S 4

1. From your home screen, press LG Rumor menu button.  
2. Select Settings.  
3. Select Bluetooth.  
4. Select On/Off.  
5. Highlight On and press LG Rumor2 menu button.  
6. Press LG Rumor2 end button to return to the home screen.  
7. Press LG Rumor2 menu button.  
8. Select Bluetooth.  
9. Select Add a New….  
  10. If you’re not already on the home screen press home button.
  11. Press menu icon.
  12. Tap Settings > Connections.
  13. Tap the word Bluetooth.
  14. Tap OFF at the top of the screen to turn Bluetooth on if it isn't already on.
  15. Tap the check box at the top next to SPH-L720. (Note: You'll have 2 minutes to complete the next 4 steps. If it times out before your phones get paired, start over from here.)
16. Select Phone.  
17. Select SPH-L720.  
18. Select Accept (left soft key).  
  19. Unlock the screen if necessary and tap OK.
20. Select Save (left soft key).  
21. Select Done (left soft key).  
22. Highlight SPH-L720 and select Transfer (left soft key).  
23. Select Send Contacts.  
24. Select Options (right soft key).  
25. Select Check All.  
26. Select Send (left soft key).  
  27. Unlock the screen if necessary and tap Accept on the File transfer pop-up.
  28. You should get a notification about Bluetooth files received.
  29. Press home button.
  30. Tap Contacts. You should see all of your transferred contacts.


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