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BlackBerry Tour 9630

Email & Address Book

Configuring your email accounts

How do I set up a BlackBerry Internet Service email account?
I have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server account. How do I set up my Enterprise email account?
My email won't receive messages. What do I do?
My email won't send messages. What do I do?
How do I add an email signature to emails sent from my BlackBerry?
How do I change the messaging and email notification?
How many BlackBerry Internet Service email accounts can my BlackBerry support?
How do I organize personal and business email accounts into separate inboxes?

Importing your address book

You may switch contacts, calendar and other data from a Palm Treo or Windows Mobile device by using BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. See instructions.

How do I transfer contacts from a contacts subfolder in Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook Express) to a BlackBerry smartphone?
Why can't I synchronize the address book in Windows Vista?
How do I sync my Google contacts and calendar with my BlackBerry smartphone?


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