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Completing activation on your new Sanyo Zio™ SCP-8600

Please follow these additional steps to start using your new phone.

Note: If you have an "Error Code 1012" on your screen, tap OK to dismiss it.
Turn off your Sanyo Zio by holding down the power button and tapping "Power off" on the Phone options screen. After it's turned off, turn your phone back on by pressing the power button once more.
About a minute after your phone boots up, a "Hands-Free Activation" screen will appear.
  • If the Hands-Free Activation screen doesn't appear after a few minutes, restart your phone per step 1 above.
  • If you see "Update user profile failed. Please try again later. To retry, please go to…" tap OK and restart your phone per step 1 above.
You'll see: "Hands Free Activation. Waiting for retry…" Tap Activate.
Under the My Device heading, tap Update Profile.
You will see: "The network is preparing your services." This may take about a minute. After that, you'll see: "Device Configuration has completed." Tap OK.
Turn off your phone by holding the red power button and tapping Power off. Then tap OK to the "Your phone will shut down" message. Once the phone is turned off, turn it back on with the red power button.
When your phone powers up, you will see the ID pack screen. Please follow the Install Your ID Pack instructions below. You're almost done!

Note: If you see a "Network unavailable" message, tap Retry a couple of times until you're able to proceed.

Install your ID Pack

The CREDO ID pack will set up your phone for use with CREDO Mobile. Once your ID pack is loaded, you can further customize it with additional apps and content. For more on what's in the CREDO ID pack, click here.

Tap Install an ID.

Note: If you see a "Network unavailable" message, your phone may need a little more time to connect. Wait half a minute and tap Retry until you're able to proceed.
Tap Install an ID.
Tap Install on the CREDO ID screen.
Tap Install on the CREDO ID screen.
The CREDO ID pack will download and self-install. This may take a few minutes.

When the pack has been downloaded you will be taken to the homescreen of your phone.
The CREDO ID will download and self-install.
Finally, let's test your web browser. Press > > Browser.

If the following page loads, your data is working. If you don't see this screen, please call 800.411.0848 and a tech support representative will be happy to help you.
The CREDO ID will download and self-install.

Set Your Home Page

Please don't forget to change your default homepage. CREDO Mobile customers aren't serviced by the SprintWeb portal.

To change your homepage:

  1. From within the browser, press to open the browser menu.
  2. Tap More > Settings > Set home page.
  3. Delete the current address and enter to get involved in our activism campaigns. (Or use another favorite website.)
  4. Tap OK to complete the process.

There are other great ways to customize your phone, so check out our support pages for more help topics and tutorials.


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