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Samsung M400

Samsung M400

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Getting Around Your Phone

Samsung M400 diagram
What the keys do

Talk key: Allows you to make or answer calls and call waiting, use 3-way calling or activate Voice Dial.

Menu/OK key: Lets you access the phone's menus and selects the highlighted choice when navigating through a menu.

Navigation key: Allows you to navigate through the phone's menu options by pressing in the direction you'd like to move. For example, press the bottom portion of the key to scroll down in a menu. Each side of the Navigation key can also be programmed to act as a shortcut key from your home screen. See your user guide for instructions.

End key: Lets you turn the phone on or off, end a call or return to your home screen from another screen. When you receive an incoming call, press once to mute the ringtone or twice to ignore the call.

Option keys: Lets you select the soft key actions or menu items at the bottom left or right of the screen. Press the key below the item you'd like to select.

ICE (emergency contacts) key: Lets you assign and access your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts, add and access personal info about allergies, medications and other health information, and send an emergency message to your ICE contacts.

Speaker key: Turns speakerphone on and off.

911 key: Dials 911 for emergency help.

Back key: Deletes characters when you're typing text or a phone number. When in a menu, it returns you to the previous menu, closes a dialog box or exits an on-screen menu/option.


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