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BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold 9650

Advanced Apps & Services


How do I browse the Web and visit my favorite Web page?


How do I get driving directions on my BlackBerry smartphone?

Entertainment, content and apps

What apps are available for my BlackBerry smartphone?
How do I change my standard ringtone?


How do I send a text message?
What’s the maximum length for a text message?

MMS (sending pictures and videos)

How do I send a picture?
How do I record a video?

Instant Messaging

How do I set up instant messaging on my BlackBerry smartphone?
What’s the maximum length for an instant message?

Social Networks

How do I access social networking on my BlackBerry smartphone?
Can I use Flickr with my BlackBerry smartphone?
How do I get Facebook on my BlackBerry?
How can I upload a picture using the Facebook for BlackBerry app?
How do I link a Facebook friend’s profile to his/her entry in my address book?
What’s the best way to use Twitter on my BlackBerry smartphone?

Traveling Internationally

In which countries can I use my BlackBerry Bold smartphone?
What if I lose my SIM card?
Can I use my SIM card in another phone?
Can I use other SIM cards purchased abroad with my BlackBerry Bold smartphone from CREDO Mobile?
Where can I get support for my BlackBerry Bold smartphone while traveling abroad?
Is there any reason my smartphone cannot be used while traveling abroad?
I'm having trouble with my voice and/or data services while traveling abroad. How can I fix this?


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