Our Vision

Since our inception in 1985, we’ve pursued two ambitious goals: working for social change and running a successful business.

It’s always been a tall order, but we’ve excelled at both goals through a clear and sustained focus, a steady and disciplined operation, and by being adept and agile when the situation demanded it. We always work hard to provide excellent phones and service, and we also work hard—and yes, fight—for progressive social change. We strive to make it easy for progressive individuals to make a difference, and we raise millions of dollars for nonprofit groups that do the same. Our social change work has always been the heart of our enterprise.

Our History
Our People
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Our Activism

We fight hard to enact progressive change and defeat regressive policies.

We do so by making it easy for our members’ voices to be heard—through phone calls and letters—in the halls of power. And we fight through our CREDO Action network of 3 million activists, sending millions of signed petitions, emails and calls to decision-makers. We also carry out ground campaigns with committed volunteers when we see an opportunity to have an impact. We aim to push the limits of what is possible and expand the public discourse beyond the narrow boundaries of the pundits and the politicians, providing a progressive flank to many campaigns.

How We Work
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Our Donations

From the outset, we’ve made generosity central to our business.

A percentage of our customers’ charges are sent to progressive nonprofit groups that work on a range of issues: women’s rights, the environment, equality, peace and social justice. Our members and activist friends help us pick the groups each year and vote on how to distribute the donations among them. Since 1985, we’ve raised more than $76 million for such groups. In 2013 alone, we raised more than $2.6 million.

Who We Fund
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