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Our People

Our achievements reflect the efforts of a remarkable group of women and men who have committed their skills and passion to building a unique organization. Today’s employees benefit from the accomplishments of those who came before. We’ve always been proud of the company we keep. All along, we’ve benefited from the continuity in leadership—and values—provided by our two cofounders. In addition, our team of senior managers brings a wealth of experience and skills, as well as a passion for working for social change.

Ray Morris, CEO

RAY MORRIS – Chief Executive Officer

Ray comes to CREDO with more than 25 years of executive experience in rapidly changing, highly competitive environments. He has worked in strategic product development and management, software engineering, technology innovation, business operations, marketing, sales and executive team leadership, leading senior-level teams in communications, hosting, marketing services and Internet commerce. Ray brings with him a passion for building high-performing teams focused on delivering exceptional value and service to their customers. He has a comprehensive understanding of how to recognize, develop and lead people, technology and partnerships to ensure profitable business growth through innovation and an empowered employee culture. Among his notable past roles are positions as managing director of ABSI Consulting, VP of product management at Metapath Software, CIO and CTO at NTT/Verio, COO at Greatcall, CIO and CTO of Vertis Communications, and CTO and CEO at Clickbank. Ray’s particular areas of interest in CREDO activism include the environment, civil liberties, and the rights of women, minorities and the LGBT community.

Laura Scher, Cofounder

LAURA SCHER – Cofounder

Laura is cofounder, former CEO and current executive chair of Working Assets/CREDO. Laura teaches “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at Stanford University and has coauthored chapters in several inspirational books, including The Business of Changing the World, edited by Marc Benioff; and Hands On! 33 More Things Every Girl Should Know, edited by Suzanne Harper. Laura serves on the Board of Advisors of the Yale School of Management and the Foundation board. She has a bachelor’s in economics from Yale University, studied at the Institute for International Studies in Geneva, and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Michael Kieschnick, Cofounder


Michael is cofounder, former CEO and a current board member of CREDO/Working Assets. Prior to cofounding Working Assets, he served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as an economic advisor to Gov. Jerry Brown of California (way back in time from 1980–1982), and helped create several socially responsible investment funds. Michael also serves on the boards of the League of Conservation Voters, the Beneficial State Foundation and the Beatitudes Society, and teaches a seminar on innovations in microfinance at Stanford. He earned a Ph.D. in public policy from Harvard and undergraduate degrees in biology and economics from Stanford.

Trish Tobin, Chief Marketing Officer

TRISH TOBIN – Chief Marketing Officer

Trish is responsible for CREDO’s unique and rewarding membership experience ensuring our products and support match our commitment to progressive values. She leads our Customer Service and Marketing teams in that effort. Before joining CREDO Trish led marketing for Treater, a mobile and social gifting start-up. She became interested in start-ups out of experiences running marketing for online advertising pioneer and prior to that at AOL where she rose to VP of Acquisition Marketing. Trish also leveraged her digital experience to grow online marketing channels as CMO for Women for Women International and had the privilege of visiting their program work in Rwanda and Kosovo. Trish is also a museum buff, having started her marketing career at the National Gallery of Art, and is an ardent supporter of international women’s rights. She earned an MBA from Yale School of Management and a BA from The College of William & Mary.

Haruko Kurata, VP Product & Operations

HARUKO KURATA – Vice President, Product and Operations

Haruko oversees the acquisition and development of all mobile phones and related products at CREDO. Before joining CREDO, she served as Product Manager at Moderati, a mobile content provider. She worked with Qualcomm, as well as other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators to create content training and provide marketing support for Qualcomm's embedded multimedia software. Haruko holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University. Throughout her career in technology, she has always been one of only a handful of women—something she hopes to see change in the future. She looks forward to a day when being a woman at the Consumer Electronics Show isn't an oddity. In her spare time, Haruko likes to spend time with her family, play competitive tennis and scuba dive.

Janice Crump, Chief Financial Officer

JANICE CRUMP – Chief Financial Officer

Janice keeps CREDO's financial operations running smoothly. She has over 25 years of experience in business accounting and comes to CREDO after 15 years as CFO at AlfaTech, a global technology and energy firm that specializes in LEED engineering and sustainable solutions. Janice believes in a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to numbers and works to build a culture of progressive values and continuous improvement through education and mentoring. Her favorite areas of activism include social equality, animal welfare and environmental preservation. She enjoys hiking in the Tahoe Basin, skiing in the Sierras and raising bonsai trees. She has a degree in business management from San Jose State University.

ROB MASCOLA – Vice President, Business Intelligence

Rob analyzes our organizational data and provides the business insight we need to make CREDO Mobile a success. In other words, he’s our numbers guy—and he’s an excellent one. A former junior high math teacher, Rob has worked as a data analyst for over 20 years, first at FICO, later at other credit companies and, beginning in 2003, here at CREDO. Rob has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Dartmouth and a master’s in scientific computing and computational mathematics from Stanford. Rob takes a special interest in CREDO activism that involves economic justice. He enjoys cooking, sabermetrics and playing games with his kids.

CECILIA PARISI – Vice President, People and Culture

Cecilia is CREDO’s people person. She’s an experienced HR leader and an expert in building teams and cultivating innovative talent practices. Prior to CREDO, she was VP of human resources at Savvius, which helps network and security professionals improve their network performance and security. Before that, she was senior regional HR manager at Verizon. A Bay Area local, Cecilia earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University East Bay and a master’s from Golden Gate University. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting into the next home project, cooking and traveling.

Heidi Hess, Vice President, Politics

HEIDI HESS – Vice President, Politics

Heidi oversees CREDO Action’s campaigning. She’s responsible for making sure that CREDO members have the opportunity to make their voices heard and pressure decision makers through strategic, hard-hitting campaigns on a wide range of progressive issues—including civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights, climate justice, economic justice, peace, civil liberties and the defense of our democracy. Prior to joining CREDO in 2010, Heidi contributed to the founding of Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, and still serves on its board of directors. Before that, she was a middle school teacher who found deep joy in the daily, and sometimes hourly, mood swings of large groups of pre-teens. She earned a BA from Stanford University and lives in San Francisco with her family.

Josh Nelson,Vice President, Politics

JOSH NELSON – Vice President, Politics

Josh oversees CREDO’s communications and social media as well as CREDO Action’s analytics and role in the company’s donations program. Broadly speaking, his job is to ensure that CREDO's hard-hitting advocacy campaigns, viral videos and other content reach and engage as many people as possible. Prior to joining CREDO in 2011, Josh wrote extensively about politics and environmental issues for publications including ThinkProgress, Huffington Post and Grist. He previously worked for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, the National Wildlife Federation and The Hatcher Group, a strategic communications firm where he consulted for dozens of non-profits. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Maggie, his daughter Mary and his dog Florence.

Micah Evans, Vice President, Product and Software Engineering

MICAH EVANS – Vice President, Product and Software Engineering

Micah leads CREDO’s product management, technology, and engineering teams. Before CREDO, Micah lead product strategy and execution at the affiliate network and e-commerce company ClickBank. Specializing in software innovation and technology, Micah has almost a decade of experience working in Financial Technology, eCommerce, and market research industries at companies including Markit and Research Now. His special interests include women’s rights and income equality, and he is proud to have served as a Peace Corps volunteer within the economic development program to Ukraine. Micah earned an MBA and an MA in international management from the University of Texas at Dallas.


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