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Questions About CREDO Donations

What is CREDO Donations?Top

Every time our members use our services, we donate a percentage of their charges to the progressive nonprofits that we fund. These donations cost our members nothing. But they mean everything to the groups we support.

Has the CREDO Donations program changed?Top

Yes. We have historically had an annual donations program—one in which we gather nominations, evaluate them, choose groups to appear on a ballot and disperse money during February or March of the following year. However, the world moves faster than ever these days. Issues change, problems appear, and action is needed—often in a matter of days. To make an impact, we have to move just as fast.

So rather than wait till the end of the year to send much-needed funds to the progressive nonprofits we support, as we have in the past, starting in 2014 we are distributing donations at the end of every month to three progressive nonprofit groups—36 each year. We make a real difference, real fast.

Which groups are eligible for funding?Top

Nonprofit organizations should be national or international in scope, have at least one year of proven effectiveness, and work in one of the five issue areas: women’s rights, the environment, equality, peace or social justice.

We do not fund groups that are local in scope, raise awareness of or research a particular disease, or work within a specific religion or denomination.

How many groups will be funded?Top

We fund three groups each month, or 36 groups each year.

How does the selection process work?Top

Each year, we receive hundreds of nominations from our members. The groups that meet our eligibility requirements are then considered for funding. We choose some groups that are working on issues where immediate action will make a real difference, along with other groups that tackle the long-term work that makes our movement strong.

How do I nominate a group for funding?Top

If you’re a mobile, long distance or credit card customer, you can nominate a group to receive funding. Before you nominate, please research the following:

  1. Development Director’s name (or a person in a similar role)
  2. Development Director’s e-mail address and phone number
  3. Organization’s website

Once you have these details, simply fill out a nomination form and click submit. Please choose only one issue area per group. We may move an organization to another issue area if we think the group is a better fit elsewhere.

Only nominations with correct information will be considered.

Is there a deadline for nominations?Top

No. We accept nominations throughout the year.

A group I nominated was selected for funding. Do they need to be nominated again to be considered for future funding?Top

No, all nominations are kept active for future consideration.

Does receiving multiple nominations increase a group's chance to be selected for funding?Top

No. Whether a group receives 1 or 100 nominations, it gets equal consideration.

I am a customer and would like to nominate the organization where I work. Is this allowed?Top

Yes, you are welcome to nominate your employer.

Is completion of a grant application mandatory?Top

Groups will only be asked to fill out an application if they have been chosen for a short list of nominations for a given month, from which the final three groups will be selected. The group must submit its application on time and in full to be considered for funding. We will send a grant application to each group upon being chosen for the short list.

How does voting work?Top

Each month, we invite CREDO members to vote among three featured nonprofit groups. Members have a variety of easy voting options to support the group(s) of their choice: online, phone or text.

At the end of the month, we tabulate the votes and distribute the donations. As soon as we count the votes, we’ll cut the checks. This way, we can deliver funds where action is urgently needed, targeting issues as they evolve.

I voted for my favorite organization last year. Will they be on the ballot one month this year?Top

While there are exceptions to this rule, organizations are eligible for funding once every 12 months. To see just some of the groups we’ve funded over the years—plus the three groups we are funding this month—please visit

Please contact us at [email protected] with any additional questions.


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