Our Activism: 2014

Over 16.1 million
petitions, emails, calls and letters (& counting)
Over 27,000
action campaigns launched (& counting)

Many victories have been won

2014 has already been a year of outright victories. Our history-making Pledge of Resistance—signed by 100,000 CREDO members and co-organized with Rainforest Action Network and Other 98%—was a major factor in delaying the approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We successfully blocked Congress from fast-tracking approval of the disastrous TransPacific Partnership treaty. And we helped force federal regulators to stop banks from targeting low-income borrowers with predatory loans.

On a state level, CREDO members pushed legislators for higher minimum wage laws in Maryland and Minnesota; helped expand access to reproductive health care in California; and worked to defeat an Arizona bill letting businesses refuse service to gays and lesbians on religious grounds.

These are just some of the fights we—and you—have already won.

More victories are yet to come

The rest of our 2014 will be spent actively campaigning—and using a portion of CREDO revenue—to make a difference in the world.

Among our campaigns, we are calling on the FCC to block a $45 billion Time Warner/Comcast merger and stop the creation of a new cable monopoly. And we’re petitioning for the FCC to support an open and free internet by opposing Verizon’s bid against net neutrality.

We fight for what we believe in, and look forward to many more victories this year.


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