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How We Work

Many companies, especially large ones, hire lobbyists to mold government policies and legislation to serve their financial interests. CREDO blazes a different path. We fight for progressive social change with 5 million activists in the CREDO Action network. No lobbyists, no back-door meetings, no candidate contributions. Just ordinary Americans, galvanized to speak truth to power.

This is how we work: Our staff monitors developments through the news cycle, carefully picks issues where we can make a difference, and crafts petitions and emails targeting the right decision-makers—CEOs, government officials, members of Congress or the President. Then our network of activists turns up the heat by making calls, signing petitions and speaking out at local meetings.

In addition, we make activism easy for CREDO customers. Our monthly bill offers national and state actions on crucial current issues with the names and numbers needed to contact their representatives. Our members get to call their legislators for free to speak about these issues.

And we get results. Over the years, we've had many outright victories. In other fights, we've successfully shifted the debate toward more progressive policies.


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