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Switch to a different kind of phone company and we’ll contribute to the Sierra Club—plus you’ll get $150 off all smartphones plus 50% off line fees for one year.*

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Save on Phones, Save the Planet

Every CREDO Mobile smartphone comes with an amazing feature: it makes positive change. That’s because we’re more than a phone company—we’re a community of people who fight and win for progressive causes, like a cooler planet. And, for every Sierra Club member or supporter who switches their mobile phone service to CREDO, we’ll give $150 to support the important environmental advocacy work at the Sierra Club. Switch to CREDO now and get $150 off any smartphone plus 50% off line fees for one year.*

And are you stuck in a contract? We’ll pay to help get you out. Don’t let big telecom bully you into complacency. Receive up to $350 contract buyout credit, plus up to $300 trade-in credit for your old phone.*

How we make change

CREDO Mobile is more than a great phone service. It’s a force for change. Each year, our members raise millions (at no extra cost to them) for nonprofit groups working for progressive causes. Groups like Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network, National LGBTQ Task Force and many of others. CREDO MOBILE MAKES THESE DONATIONS POSSIBLE.

CREDO Action is one of the nation’s most powerful activist movements. At a moment’s notice, we can call upon our network of 4 million grassroots volunteers to take action for change by attending rallies or signing petitions, sending emails, and making phone calls to politicians and other key decision-makers. CREDO MOBILE MAKES THIS ACTIVISM POSSIBLE.

WHAT nonprofits ARE SAYING

CREDO is Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate contributor, and we are incredibly grateful for its longstanding partnership.”

—Planned Parenthood

CREDO consistently steps up and speaks out on the critical civil rights issues of our time.”



With so much negativity today in our political system, it’s refreshing to be a customer of a company that not only provides excellent customer service but also works to create positive change in our society.”


I love CREDO because as a woman and member of the LGBT community, I want to give my money to organizations that support me, as well as other progressive causes.”


We make it easy to switch.

How we make change

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