Call Canada and Mexico? You're going to love this.

Now calls from the U.S to Canada and Mexico are included in all CREDO Mobile plans at no extra charge.* And that can save you a lot of money.

Got friends, family or business in other parts of the world? We also offer an International Long Distance Discount plan. You’ll enjoy deeply discounted rates for calls from the U.S. to international numbers anywhere—all for just $3.99 a month per line.

Here are some examples of the savings available with the International Long Distance Discount plan:

  Standard rate Rate with discount plan
United Kingdom $1.49/min. $0.07/min.
Italy $1.49/min. $0.07/min.
India $2.29/min. $0.10/min.
China $2.29/min. $0.10/min.
Australia $2.29/min. $0.10/min.

Check out rates to any country on our international calling page.

And at CREDO Mobile, we not only help you stay connected to your friends and family all over the world—we help you stay connected to your values.

We fight for progressive change every day through CREDO Action, our network of more than 3.3 million activists. And we fight by donating a portion of all customer charges to progressive nonprofit groups that do the same—at no extra cost to you. Since 1985, we’ve raised more than $72 million for groups such as Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network, Democracy Now! and the ACLU.

The more members we have, the harder we fight. Switch to CREDO Mobile today and get excellent service, fantastic phones and great plans—plus calls to Canada and Mexico at no extra charge.