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BlackBerry Software Updates

From time to time, device manufacturers provide software updates to improve your phone's performance and reliability. It's important to update your phone to the latest software to ensure the best user experience. All you need is BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6 for your computer, a free application provided by Research In Motion (RIM) that lets you sync your BlackBerry with your computer. It also backs up and updates your phone.

Updating your BlackBerry is easy. Just follow the steps below. These instructions are for PC users only.


  • The update process can take a few hours, depending on how much content is on your phone. Your phone will not be available to make or receive calls during this time.
  • Please ensure your computer does not enter sleep or standby mode during the installation. Standby mode should be disabled or the computer should be monitored during installation.
  1. Make sure you have BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 installed for your computer. If you don't, download the free application here.

    If you already have BlackBerry Desktop Software installed, then skip to the next step. If you don't have version 6 installed, we recommend downloading it as discussed above.

    Note: Note: BlackBerry has a great help section for this software if you run into installation problems.

  2. Once you've installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6:
    1. Go here and select your phone from the drop-down menu.
    2. Click the Next button and click on Download next to the latest version.
      Note: The latest version has a Package Version number that is higher than all other options.
    3. Fill out the download form and click Next.
    4. Once you're ready, Agree to the Eligibility Page and click Next.
    5. Click Download and save the file somewhere where you can locate it later.
      Note: The software package can be over 100MB and could take a while to download.
  3. Once the download has completed, run the downloaded file. It will install your BlackBerry software into the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 application
  4. Plug your BlackBerry into your computer using the USB cable that was provided with your phone. It will take about 30 seconds for your computer to recognize the device. Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.
  5. We highly recommend that you back up your phone before starting any updates. Click Device > Back up… > Full > Backup.
    update options
  6. Now that your phone is backed up, let's update it. From within BlackBerry Desktop software, click Device and select Update my device from the menu.
    update options
  7. You should have already backed up your phone, but make sure that Back up device data is checked. Enter your e-mail address, if you like, and click Install update. Once the installation is complete, you’re done!
    update options

Just in case

If you run into any issues and your data appears lost, restore your device to your backup. First, make sure your phone is attached via the USB cord. Then go into BlackBerry Desktop Manager and click Device > Restore > Find your backup file and click Restore.

update options


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