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Warranty and Non-Warranty Replacements

If you believe your phone is defective, please give customer service a call at 800-411-0848 to see if it's eligible for a warranty replacement or out-of-warranty service and replacement. If it is, they'll give you instructions on sending your phone back.

Please note: If you have a new phone that you're simply not happy with, please see our Returns & Exchanges page. BYOD equipment is not eligible for return, exchange or warranty and non-warranty replacements.

For any phone other than iPhone®

We'll send you a new or like-new replacement phone. Once you have your replacement phone, you send us your original phone. When we receive your original phone, we'll inspect it to evaluate the damage or defect. (You won't get your original phone back — you'll keep the replacement phone.)

If your phone is under warranty: Any damage or defect that's not covered by the manufacturer's warranty will be charged to your CREDO account.

If your phone is ineligible for warranty service but eligible for out-of-warranty service: You'll be charged the associated service and replacement fees.

If your phone is ineligible for warranty service and ineligible for out-of-warranty service: You'll be charged the replacement value.

Please see the pricing chart below for details.

Phone Model Out-of-Warranty Service Unrepairable Device Cost
Smartphone $200 Retail price
Basic/feature phone $50 Retail price

For iPhone

For all iPhone repairs and replacements, please contact Apple directly.

For details on Apple's warranty terms and conditions please see Apple's warranty policy. For full details on AppleCare+, please see AppleCare+ terms and conditions.

TM and © Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


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