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Upgrade to a CREDO Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

With CREDO Mobile’s unlimited data plan, surf all you want while still supporting the critical causes you care about

Fight Trump and get unlimited data on the nation’s largest and most dependable 4G LTE network

Our unlimited data plan delivers coverage on the Verizon network and provides mobile users with the flexibility they need at the same price as a Big Telecom plan. That means smartphone users can switch to CREDO and fund progressive causes and not pay a penny extra.

With a CREDO unlimited data plan, all your account’s devices share a plan and each line gets unlimited talk and text, plus data and a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for hotspot-capable devices.

Unlimited mobile data plans start at $45 per line per month for four lines when customers also take advantage of autopay, including unlimited talk and text. CREDO’s unlimited plan is available to both new and existing customers. Data used in excess of 20GB per line in any monthly billing cycle is reduced in data speed to 64kbps.

Why choose unlimited mobile data?

You stream music constantly. If you automatically turn on your phone on in the morning and stream Spotify or Apple Music throughout the day, you’ll need unlimited data without interruptions. Are you indulging in Netflix binges on your tablet every night? That eats data too.

If you generally use more than 6GB of mobile data a month, you should consider upgrading to an unlimited phone plan. The average person uses about 2GB of data a month per device, so look at your monthly phone bill and compare that to your phone plan. If you’re online all day and you keep going over your data limits, then unlimited mobile data is for you.

Same goes for shared data plans. Think of a shared phone data plan as a pool of data, with each line drawing from the pool. Let’s say your plan has 6GB of shared data. Any line can use any amount of data until all 6GB is used up for the month. At that point, overage charges will apply. If you’re opting for a “family” plan to lower costs and simplify billing, your best bet is to opt for an unlimited phone plan.

Is unlimited data plan is meant for families?

Just like going to dinner or to Disneyland, it’s usually more expensive to be a family. But it’s cheaper when you share a cell phone plan. The more lines you have, the less you pay for each line. You can even share a “family” plan with friends. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll probably have to share data among all members of your plan.

CREDO Mobile’s Unlimited Data Family Plan is perfect for the families who need data all the time and that’s pretty much all families who have kids and teens on smartphones. CREDO is on the Verizon Network so coverage is excellent (be sure to double check on our coverage map).

Switch to an unlimited data plan and everyone can watch all the YouTube videos they want and stream as much music as their ears can handle without using up all the data.

Get unlimited data on all your devices

Spread your data wealth. CREDO Mobile’s unlimited data plan isn’t just for your phone — you can add a line and stay connected from your tablet or wearable (*does this apply for CREDO?). An additional line for a tablet is just $15 per month.

Here’s how CREDO data plans work

Pick a data plan to share across devices. Each device pays an additional monthly charge per line for unlimited talk and text fee — $40 for smartphones w/ 2-year contract (save $20/mo with a Device Payment Plan) and $15 for tablets — and each phone gets unlimited talk and text. Now decide how many devices you are adding to your plan. It’s that simple.

CREDO unlimited plan details

CREDO Mobile offers the only unlimited data plan that will find the Trump resistance with your monthly payment.

Additional per line charges

In addition to data plan costs, there is a monthly per line charge for each device:

  • For smartphones: $20 unlimited talk & text for smartphones purchased with the Device Payment Plan.
  • For basic and messaging phones: $30 unlimited talk & text for all phones
  • For tablets: $15 for all tablets

(For existing members with smartphones on grandfathered 2-year contracts, the line charge is $40)

Domestic data services

Unlimited. Data used in excess of 20GB per line in any monthly billing cycle is reduced in speed to 64kbps.

Domestic text messages


Domestic phone minutes


Long distance

Includes calls to any domestic, Canadian or Mexican number when you’re in the U.S. Domestic roaming included.

International voice and text

Billed at international rates.

Basic voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and three-way calling


Call forwarding

Included between your CREDO Mobile phone and another Data phone.

Directory and operator assistance

$1.79 per call.

There is a limit of five devices per account. Additional monthly charges apply for each device for unlimited talk and text. Rates do not include applicable taxes and surcharges or international charges.

Please note, if you move to CREDO’s Unlimited Data Plan, you will lose any data plan discounts and/or talk and text discounts associated with your current plan.

Ready to switch to an unlimited phone plan?

Ready for an unlimited phone plan? You can learn more and switch anytime to our Unlimited Plan by logging into your Member Services account. Or give us a call at 888-264-6071.

An unlimited plan is a great reason to consider adding a line too. Check out the special offers that are available for additional lines when you log in to Member Services.

Get a phone that can keep up with you and your data

CREDO carries a wide selection of the most popular smartphones you would expect from a major carrier. Get the best deal, check out our smartphone special offers.

Do I need to buy a new phone to get a CREDO Unlimited Data Plan or can I use my old one?

Yes, you can trade in your existing phone, trade in your existing phone for credit towards your phone or get a new smartphone with the best special offers on the market.

Whatever you decide to do, you should feel good. Because you’re promoting positive change. CREDO is a progressive company that has donated over $87 million to nonprofit groups and funds CREDO Action, a network that channels the power of its 5.5 million members to fight for social change.

CREDO Mobile offers the only unlimited plans that will fund the Trump resistance with your monthly payment

Since 1985, CREDO has donated more than $87 million to progressive organizations fighting for women’s rights, economic justice, voting rights, climate justice and more. By choosing CREDO mobile plans, members generate donations for these causes. Their everyday acts of commerce support CREDO Action, a social change network with 5 million activists, and CREDO Donations, the company’s philanthropy program.

Unlike many mobile carriers, CREDO does not and will not ever sell customers’ private internet data to the highest bidder. In fact, CREDO is the only mobile carrier fighting for its customers’ privacy — championing net neutrality and opposing anti-encryption legislation that would make Americans less safe.


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